An inspiring short film: Pockets

Our first homework was to find a short film that inspired us. I chose the short film pockets because it makes great use of camera angles, focus, music, shot changes and effects.

An example of the camera being used well is about thirty seconds in were ‘Tommy’ draws a knife, the camera dose a close up on the knife showing his target in the background and later the mid shot of the mugging scene which makes the scene seem more dramatic and as if you were in the shot rather than watching from afar. The focus on the target in the beginning is blurry which emphasizes his obliviousness to what is going on it also makes the character seem unimportant  and not very threatening. Thirty seven seconds in the music changes to a slow chime sound showing ‘Tommy’s’ surprise which helps create a little bit of tension which is just enough as not exaggerate the characters emotions, but is able to change the entire film from a poor man robbing people to a mysterious almost supernatural situation seamlessly. The fight scene at about one minute ten uses quickly changing shots in order to create energy in the fight scene making it feel much more action packed which when combined with the effects of the pocket arms creates a very effective tense, surreal fight scene.

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One Response to An inspiring short film: Pockets

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Excellent, Kit—this is a really good start, showing a good understanding of how different elements are brought together successfully. Well done. Keep an eye on your spelling here and there!


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