shootout: shot analysis

Shot 1:

We decided on this shot because the iconic western movies such as the good the bad and the ugly and once upon a time in the west all begin with establishing shots that last a long time compared to most shootout shots. By using the establishing shot and giving the characters a slow walk we intend to show a macrocosm in which we establish the bulls authoritative status and present him as a threatening antagonist. This should also show our location of a school / college canteen giving the audience an idea of who the characters are (age and attitude) whilst not going into the characters backgrounds and rather there larger effect in there world.

Shot 2:

This shot sticks to the western style by showing the bulls fist were a gun would be with the other people showing fear which adds to the character of the bull making him seem more threatening. This also puts the audience in the action rather than above it so it feels more like they are a part of the scene rather than just watching it which should it more tense especially when there is a threatening character in shot.

Shot 3:

This shot is used to show that the bull isn’t to be messed with and so can do what he likes to people and get away with it. the wide shot is used to show the reactions of the other people at the table so that the audience understands that taking the sandwich is for the purpose of intimidation and to show that those people mean nothing to the bull.

Shot 4:

The low angle is used to make the bull seem much larger and more intimidating emphasizing his power through proxemics. The bull rolling the cigarette is meant to add to the western feel and emphasize the fact that he is waiting for something to happen it is also used as a semiotic of his attitude not caring that smoking in a canteen is illegal (he isn’t smoking it but the intention comes across.)

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One Response to shootout: shot analysis

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good stuff here, Kit, successfully exploring the value of your opening shot and connecting it to your research. This would be stronger if 1) it had a still image or two, or a video clip, to illustrate your point, and 2) watch your capitals! Remember to aim for a professional approach.


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