Shot Sizes


hurtlocker-cereal Wide shots are used to establish a scene from an angle that isn’t personal to any particular character so it shows everything.

Mid shot:

1682085-poster-1960-the-hobbit-starts-a-movie-revolution Mid shots are used to show the top half of a character or object from quite close.

Close ups:

tgtbtu4 A close up is used to show emotion on a characters face or detail on an object meaning that the object fills the frame.

Over the shoulder:

(L-r) RALPH FIENNES as Lord Voldemort and DANIEL RADCLIFFE as Harry Potter in Warner Bros. Pictures’ fantasy adventure “HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. An over the shoulder shot involves two people one in the foreground out of focus and one in the background in focus. The focus can change throughout for effect. it is used to show character proximity or for sneaking scenes it is good for showing interaction.


panning-diagram1 A pan is were the camera moves across horizontally expanding the surroundings covered in the shot. it is commonly used to show people walking or large scenery.

High angle:

Quantum of Solace High angle shots are were the camera is placed above the actors eye level it creates an illusion of something being small and powerless.

Low angle:

dark01 The low angle shot dose the opposite of the high angle shot by placing the camera below the actors eye line making them appear tall and powerful this is normally used on the antagonist.

Two shot:

image2full A two shot is a shot with two people in the scene showing interaction.

Long shot:

treeoflife2 A long shot is a shot taken from a distance with the focus point in the center and a distant horizon which is effective for creating a feeling of loneliness.

Tracking shot:

Dolly 2 A tracking shot is a shot in which the camera moves with the actor or object following them usually using a dolly and rack

Fast cuts:

fcpx-hellevator Fast cuts are were a lot of clips are put together and edited so that the shot changes at speed which builds tension in a scene.


camera_tilt Tilts are were the camera rotates on the cameras relative z axis which is used to show scale as it will move from a high to low angle shot which is good for showing point of view.

Extreme close up:

50f5b1857730ffb983277b000b4ea074 An extreme close up is were the camera is focused on a very specific thing such as the emotion in an actors eyes.

Whip pan:

Chicken_February_2009-1 A whip pan is like a pan only it is a lot faster and so is usually used for something being thrown at speed or a sudden acceleration.

extreme wide:

download The extreme wide shot is used to establish the place in the world were the scene is occurring.

Framing: where we put the frame.

composition: where things are placed within the frame.

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  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Wunderbar. Great post, Kit. Pleased to see your notes illustrated with these images.


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