Shootout Evaluation

What went well:

In my final edit I think the choice of music  worked well in the shootout scene because ‘Carnival San Theodoros’ which was my music choice contains a juxtaposition between tense haunting music and jolly carnival music which made it edit fluidly to create a comical ending.

Also the sound effect of the clock timed well with the shots in the middle sequence. this meant that the fact the bull was waiting is emphasized and it acts like the windmill in once upon a time in the west.

Issues and how they were resolved:

When shooting we had a few issues were we didn’t have any extras which meant some of the shots couldn’t happen such as the triangle formed around the shrimp, this shot was intended for semiotic purposes like in the good the bad and the ugly as it would show the shrimps entrapment and the effect of peers on the bull. Shots 1 and 24 are the shots that this interrupted by this, but we got around this by changing it so that the bull was a sort of lone warrior (who’s secret intention is to be the origami master.) I believe this was a success as it reduced the number of shots that we used and we were very quick to resolve the problem. From this our group has learnt not to rely on extras at short notice and that if we intend to use extras we should organize them to be on location at least two weeks in advance with a plan b in case anything goes wrong. On top of this I learnt that for our piece extras weren’t needed and that you can build the same atmosphere with only two people in the same scenario and so it is probably for the best to use as few people as possible in our short films.

The second shot (the western) in which the bull walks into shot and the person at the table sees him worked much better in shooting compared to the trial this is partly due to there being less people in shot though in my opinion the camera was at a better angle and our marking meant that the actors positioning looked a lot better giving the shot a nicer composition. This highlighted the positioning as a mistake in the trials so from this we have learnt to spend more time finding the right angles and positions for a better composition because to have a shot looking good is worth a bit of time.


In the final few shots we made the ending slightly comical by making both the bull and the shrimp sit down at a desk simultaneously with pieces of paper before hiding what they were doing from each other. after this the bull pulls out the worst origami crane possible with a triumphant look on his face in point of view. then from the bulls point of view you can see the shrimp looking from the crane to his face before pulling out a perfect origami bird and giving its wings two flaps. By doing this we learnt that comedy though the hardest genre to perform successfully works really well for the release of tension a shootout ends with, also its great fun to try out regardless of whether the result works comically or not.

After asking the group what they would do to improve it they said to improve the credits and make the origami sequence longer because the text was unclear and the origami sequence was too fast.

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One Response to Shootout Evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a very good evaluation, Kit. Well done. I’m very pleased to see you have a strong understanding of the strengths and challenges of your work, and you draw this understanding to some examples of industry practice—and how you could do better. Well done.


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