Task 2: Film 2 – locked In

Our second project is to tell a story using only close shots. the story has to be entirely set in a toilet cubicle. The film can be no longer than 60 seconds.

Here are examples of short films made in confined spaces.

This is a music video by the cure. It is mostly close shots from within a cupboard with multiple people inside giving it an extremely claustrophobic feel. the claustrophobic feel occurs because the cloths fill up what little space there is within the cupboard with the camera right up close to the people making it as though you are in there with them. during the music video you can hear heavy breathing though you are forced to be very close to the singers who are breathless as though running out of air. The lighting in this works very well as it is dark inside however light is coming in through slits showing that they are confined and that there freedom is outside just out of reach. By using close ups in this video the story is told that they are trapped in a small space. if they had used a wide shot it would either just show the cupboard or if they broke the 4th wall some uncomfortable looking actors standing in a cupboard trying to play and sing.

The camera work in this video is probably hand held as this makes the perspective feel like that of a real person as the natural movement which helps to create the feeling of being trapped in the cupboard with them adding to the claustrophobic feeling of the overall video as it adds slight disorientation and energy. We intend to use freehand for some of our shots in order to disorientate the viewer in the paranoia moments thus making everything seem more claustrophobic and tense.

The shot types in this are mainly close and extreme close ups with an occasional wide. the wide shot is unnecessary for the feeling of the video, but establishes there location. The close ups and extreme close ups are used to show the detail on the actors showing that they are hot and squashed. These close shots also put you in uncomfortable proximity with the actors making it feel like your there.

the composition in this shoot doesn’t have any consistent techniques it is mainly the item / person of interest centered and surrounded with clothing with the occasional tie following the rule of thirds. this is deliberate as the composition isn’t designed to look aesthetically pleasing it is simply designed to look uncomfortable and tight.

kill bill uses close ups by breaking the fourth wall and looking into a box from an otherwise impossible angle this shows that in our films we don’t have to have the camera in the toilet cubicle we could leave the door open. this sequence shows how close ups can be used in an action drama scene as unlike the music video above the box is well lit and with the 4th wall being broken it feels more open and less like were trapped maybe because the light makes us think of hope or maybe because we can see from outside the box, but it still creates an uncomfortable sense of not being able to move. this is probably intentional as the character is expected to overcome all obstacles in this film and so the box isn’t being portrayed as a great challenge.

This film unlike the others is in a public area were you can see in and out of the confined area yet the character isn’t able to leave. this film uses close ups to show the fear and upset on the main characters face in response to the antagonists voice.

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One Response to Task 2: Film 2 – locked In

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good so far, Kit—I’m pleased to see you taking some good material from the clips we watched in class. The next step is films of your own choice… and implementing this understanding in your films.


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