Location Details

12083895_828807197236294_1999163244_n This is the inside of one of two cubicles in the location. We intend to make this area seem very small and tight in order to create a horror atmosphere.

12067399_828807200569627_1104105495_n This shows the mirror we intend to film in the final shot were the builder is washing his hands and the paranoid character comes out of the cubicle with a make shift weapon seen over the builders left shoulder.

12067194_828807220569625_190662121_n These are the lights in the bathroom. we intend to turn them off at one point but whether this will happen will depend on if we can cover the motion sensors without health and safety risk or use a day for night effect to make it look as if the lights have turned off.

12071798_828807223902958_1125679627_n This is the view from outside the cubicles.

Health And Safety

The health risks in this location are:

Sharp work surface corners, low lighting, slippy surfaces and small areas.


Stay clear of corners, stay still and communicate clearly when the lights are off, be aware of other people and finally avoid wet patches on the floor and were sensible shoes.


When reviewing the shot list and referring back to the location we found a few issues. the first issue was the lights, originally we planned to have the lights flicker and go off to create a horror atmosphere however this wasn’t possible as there was no switch or key slot and the lights are motion activated so it didn’t work. to try and overcome this problem we trie covering the motion sensors with some paper held in place though this was ineffective and the lights didn’t turn off. Then we tried to overcome the problem by using day for night thought after effects, but unfortunately this didn’t work as the walls color channel was to bright to turn dark being white so even with a tint and curves adjustment on a masked layer it would only end up as either white or speckled black. In the end we decided not to use  the lights for dramatic effect and to instead gather that same atmosphere through sound effects.

the second issue was shooting in limited space however in the beginning we had gathered that we would probably need to break the fourth wall and film through an open door.

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