Toilet Terror: Shot List

Shot 1: Establishing shot/close up – Although this is going to be a close-up shot, it will still set the scene and the audience will be able to tell where the character is.


Shot 2: Close up of paranoid character’s face reacting to sound of heavy boot steps entering the bathroom from the front.

Shot 3: Close up of boots beneath the door.

Shot 4: Close up – of paranoid characters face to show his reaction to the silence.

Shot 5: Close up side shot of paranoid character putting his ear to the wall to see if there is anyone there before jumping back at a loud noise.

Shot 6: Close up shot – of the paranoid character whilst the man in the next cubicle starts to make noises.

*Shot 7: close ups of shadows below the wall with rolling bog roll

Shot 8: High angle shot – of the paranoid character cowering to the back of the cubicle in fear.

Shot 9: Mid shot – of the builder in the cubicle struggling on the toilet.

Shot 10: Close up of paranoid character hearing the footsteps of the builder leaving the cubicle, still unaware that he is only a builder.

Shot 11: Close up of paranoid character p.o.v opening the lock

Shot 12: Over the shoulder shot with a mirror in shot. In the reflection of the mirror you can see the paranoid character emerging slowly out of the cubicle (maybe brandishing some sort of improvised weapon).

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