Evaluation Of The Second Film: Toilet Terror

For this shoot i made two edits. the first edit has no color correction, but contains more sound effects than the second which add to the cliche humor side. the second was suggested by Dom. It is more serious and contains color correction and a vendetta which makes it look better and slightly tilts the scales on to the horrors side. I like both versions for the reasons mentioned above, but the version i learnt the most from was the second as before this i didn’t know how to color correct and add a vendetta which could helps draw the focus of the audiences eye to the center.

In this shoot I think the use of sound effects worked well because the use of the heartbeat gets faster towards the end of the shoot which adds to the tension being experienced by the paranoid character, in the first edition of the video I used a scratched record and ‘dun dun dun’ sound effect which is cliche, but can be quite funny which adds to the horror comedy genre we were going for. In the second edition I removed these and instead extended the heartbeat and music so that it faded away into the end. This made the seriousness of the piece stronger without the cliche detracting from the originality.

Written basic Transcript:

1: In this first shot my character the paranoid guy has a close up with my eyes in the center of the screen and my hair and nose close to the upper and lower third lines. the group did this after learning the rule of thirds in a lesson about composition. this means that the shot should look nicer than say having my face to the far side and in the corner. The element of paranoia in my character is seen in the eyes. I hear boot steps and look anxiously in there direction. my eyes being central brings the audiences attention to the center and hints as to the layout of my surroundings without the need for a wide shot for establishment.

2: This second shot was a close up of boots under the side of the cubicle. this was in freehand to make it a realistic point of view shot. the shakiness of freehand here adds to the energy of the shot as if the boots were creating a reverberation. the point is that this builds energy and tension as at the moment you don’t know who the boots belong too adding an element of mystery to the shot. again in this i tried the rule of thirds by keeping the bottom of the cubicle in line with the upper third. I also tried to keep the boots central were my eyes were as this is were the audiences attention should currently lie.

3+4: In these shots my character stands up after hearing a loud bang puts his ear to the cubicle wall and jumps back as a second bang occurs. (my character believes someone is being murdered.) In this shot we used a close tracking shot. Then there is a cross cut and we revel the noises to be coming from a builder to the audience. No transitional effects were used as I believe this would have detracted from the edit by making it look really weird. we used the cross cut as it changed the location not the time. These shots were close mid shots which showed the walls and thus there confinement.

The final shots used sound effects for humor. the main shots here were the unlocking of the door and the mirror shot. the opening of the door shot like the boots are a close up of movement and limb rather than a face in order to emphasize the action the hand shot showed my characters obliviousness to the truth and showed reluctance to add to the horror comedy aspect of the film. The mirror shot took a few takes as you have to keep people and the camera out of shot. the mirror was fun to shoot as it experimented with angles.

if I were to do this again I would improve by finding and testing different locations to remove some of the issues mentioned in my location post as well as the door opening inwards on joeys cubicle as this meant the camera had to be tilted to get the action but not the door. I would have experimented with some extreme close ups from different angles to see if they would look better than normal close ups.

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One Response to Evaluation Of The Second Film: Toilet Terror

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is an excellent evaluation, Kit, showing strong evidence of learning and understanding. It’s clear you understand the successes and weaknesses of your film, and how to refine or improve this in future projects. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the ‘director’s commentary’, but unfortunately it hasn’t worked—there’s no audio coming from the uploaded video, so that will need exporting again. I’d also like you to include both versions of the film as finished pieces, so I can watch them side by side. You could also improve by connecting your work to wider industry examples, but otherwise: very well done.


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