Action Sequence Conventions

Build up audio –> Music + SFX } Silence

the sound in an action sequence should tell the story without the need of a picture it should get louder or faster as the scene draws towards the climactic ending before a burst of silence is injected maintaining the tension so that you can then decide whether to pause or release the energy.

Conflict –> active camera

In an action sequence there is always conflict even if the conflict isn’t between characters there will be at least two either opposing wants or different means of achieving the same want.  The camera in an action sequence is active meaning it will be following the action.

Time remapping + jump cuts

many action sequences use time remapping such as slow or fast motion especially in martial arts sequences.

Momentum through energy –> pause / release it.

this gives the film maker total control of the audience by for instance having something precariously balanced on a ledge holds suspense and could either release by falling or pause by becoming more stable.

Hand held / shaky camera

creates energy through disorientation.

Predictable –> chain of events. Willing suspension of disbelief.

the audience becomes immersed in the action and ignores the disbelief.

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