Task 3: Ball Rolling Off A Table (The Fall)

Our third task is to make an action sequence of a ball rolling off a table using a variety of shot types to create it.

the odessa steps from battleship potemkin contains a lot of movement and regular quick changes from wide to close shots. This builds energy as it causes some disorientation because of the change from micro to macrocosm perspective.  the shots used in this are steady so the audience can see what is happening relatively clearly the only disorientation is from the movement due to mass hysteria.

This shot uses both diegetic and non-diegetic sound to build the scene for example when the fight is about to begin everything goes quiet where as before that there is alot of background noise such as the clock music and crying. overall this clip teaches you that in an action sequence the sound should tell you the entire story without the need for pictures.

The bourn supremacy uses lots of fast cuts in free hand which makes it very disorientating in order to create energy and make everything seem faster. Durring this scene there is alot of sound effects for punches and kicks telling the audience what is happening even though the picture doesn’t show it clearly.

this scene uses lots of perspective shots at low angles to create threat and make it more as if you were the character in that scenario. it is mostly filmed on a dolly or Steadicam apart from the point of view shots  which were in free hand. The sound in this scene is all diegetic (screaming, roaring, rain) this is because there are so many sounds there is no need for background music and the rain is fairly constant and creates a pathetic fallacy anyway.

this iconic scene was shot on a tripod and it entirely steady the energy comes from the sound effects and movement within the image.

This scene uses fast cuts and sound again to make the scene along with movement.

This is the scene from mission impossible ghost protocol in which Tom Cruise climbs the worlds tallest building. this scene was probably shot with a crane or monopod. as all the shots seem to be steady but use fast pans and tilts to create energy and build tension towards the fall. also buy using the height given by a monopod / crane they exaggerate the height shown in the high angle shot.

Overall from this i take that the main focus should be on sound and fast cuts rather than what happens during each cut.

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2 Responses to Task 3: Ball Rolling Off A Table (The Fall)

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Brief, compared to many of your other posts, Kit, but still good. You’ve offered a quick and solid analysis of each of these scenes, and extrapolated common conventions—especially in sound. Well done.


  2. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Next time, I think I’d rather you analysed one or two clips in greater detail, instead of all the clips in this quite fleeting way!


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