The Fall: Shot List

  1. Shot 1: Wide shot from behind a character sat at a table removing an orange from there pack lunch and onwards as a safety shot.
  2. Shot 2: Close shot of the orange being placed on the table.
  3. Shot 1: Wide shot showing the orange being elbowed.
  4. Shot 3: Close up side on tracking shot of the orange.
  5. Shot 4: Slow mo face close up on orange owner.
  6. Shot 5: Orange fly by from above.
  7. Shot 6: Orange fly by from an angle.
  8. Shot 7: Person 2 close up.
  9. Shot 8: Camera fly by (glide over table with rolling orange shot to over the edge.)
  10. Shot 9: Side shot of orange coming to a stop and teetering on the edge
  11. Shot 10: Shot from below of orange on the edge.
  12. Shot 4 + 7: Series of face and orange close ups.
  13. Shot 11: “Inception style” tilt shot as the orange falls.
  14. Shot 12: Slow mo side shot of falling orange.
  15. Shot 13: Crying people in slo mo.
  16. Shot 14: Orange impact.

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