The Fall Evaluation

In the final edit  the first scene is a medium shot of the orange being taken out of the characters bag and being placed on the table this was shot using a tripod in order to keep the camera steady and at a constant height. Using a tripod also allowed for a smooth tilt and it also meant that it was much easier to keep the orange in focus. for this shot we could have used free hand which would have given it more energy but i believe that it would have been the wrong time to create energy as the action hasn’t yet started another thing we could have tried is showing the action from a wide which may have worked in the same way as the Odessa steps as this would have meant a change from wide to close creating energy and immersing the audience more however we didn’t do this as the place were we would have wanted to place the camera was a stone wall and the other option wouldn’t have had as nicer composition or would have been on the other side of the 180 line meaning we would have to re think our action shots. The second shot is then a close up of the orange being hit by the characters elbow, again this was shot on a tripod only this time the camera was fixed like the camera in the famous Indiana Jones scene by keeping the camera still the focus was easy to manage and what was happening is very clear.

The action shots of the ball rolling were shot in freehand for energy but were placed on the table for tracking meaning wobble would only occur on the x and z axis. we learnt a lot from these shots because when we used the handicams the focus was automatic and they had a smaller fstop so the orange wouldn’t have left focus where as with the DSLRs we had to get used to adjusting the focus before and during shots which was especially difficult for tracking shots.

The slow motion shots went really well overall. for my edit i went with performance over focus as seen in the end parts of some of the shots where people goes just out of focus. from this we learnt how to shoot with a faster frame rate and how to turn that into slow motion in the editor. most of these shots were free hand and taken very quickly during this we broke the 180 degree rule to emphasize the hysteria in the room through disorientation while ensuring everyone’s eye lines were in the right place. Through out this entire video I used a vignette to draw the audiences attention to the orange in the center.

For the music in this i was torn between sad piano music and the dramatic one that i did eventually use. The reason i used the dramatic music in the end is because i think it fitted the brief more than the sad because with the sad music it was more like a depressing music video than an action sequence.

If i were to do this task again i would have practiced more with tracking shots in focus and used more shots of the orange jumping from wide to close as i believe that that could make a better action sequence than using slow motion.

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One Response to The Fall Evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a strong evaluation of what you did, Kit, justifying a range of your decisions. I’d like to think a little deeper about a broader sense filmmaking too, where possible—what has this task taught you? Do you use a camera any differently?


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