Shot list

A 1.1 wide panning shot of guy standing by a hospital.

A 2.1 med face looking up.

B 3.1 med flashback of hospital waiting room.

A 4.1 med medium of slightly pained face.

B 5.1 close of posters in waiting room.

B 6.1 close of water cooler.

A 7.1 med Pained face.

B 8.1 close up nervous hands.

B 9.1 med point of view doctors walk in.

A 10.1 extreme close eyes screwed shut.

B 11.1 med sheet put over corpse.

A 12.1 ext close eyes open wide crops in to black were title shows.


We have since changed the shot list and story by changing it to be about loneliness so it is still using the exterior shot but will then cut to a wide shot of a corridor showing a character on there own.



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