Shooting evaluation

When shooting the shots we had quite a lot of luck with having times where the location was quiet and when it wasn’t quiet everyone seemed willing to be an extra which worked as it meant that we got a lot of shots done without waiting for people. on the other hand during the shot of the stairs the was quite a hold up which taught us to choose locations such as entrances and stairways at a quiet time and how to manage larger numbers of people.

During the shooting we used the cameras weak focus to our advantage by using it to create a greater sense of depth to some our wide shots. As an example there is a close up of my characters hand tapping on a rail which shows depth and also pulls the attention to the side of the screen. this is also seen more subtly in the opening sequence of the goblet of fire where the focus follows the snake then moves to the grave by having them just slightly more in focus than there surroundings.

for our corridor shot we experimented with high and low angle shots to see if they changed  the feel of it we also tried tilting the camera so that it felt really disorientating, but we also decided that it detracted from the message of loneliness so in the end our favorite shot was with the camera at eye level with no tilting.

the shot of the window was filmed in free hand to create a feeling that it is someones point of view of outside. Other that this shot the camera was always resting on either a tripod or secure surface to make it steady and lack energy.

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One Response to Shooting evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is solid, Kit, but doesn’t address your research and analysis into mise-en-scene and using locations to tell stories. I think the shots look good, but I’m not yet convinced the location has been used!


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