Titles And Graphics

What are Titles and why do we use them:

Titles are words at the beginning of a film which name the film and tell you something about the film that imagery cannot. they give an introduction to what the film is about.

What are Graphics and why do we use them:

Graphics are images and moving images that are manipulated by using things like CGI filters and animation. 

What is a font:

A font is the features / details of a typeface for example Bold and Italic are fonts also making the letters thinner and changing the spacing is a font.

What is a Typeface:

a Typeface is the design of the letters and numbers such as ariel or comic sams.

Do’s and Don’t ‘s:

you should use the text to draw attention to a specific area using fonts and typefaces that suit the film. The colours should be relevant to the film. for example a horror film could use dark colours or white as these are symbolic for death and fear.   

nightmare on elm street shows this through the thin blood red disheveled title suggesting murder. the warm bodies poster shows rom com through the anatomically incorrect heart in warm and horror through the fractal noise in the typeface.

you should never use more than 3 colours or typefaces as this would make it painful to look at for example:

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One Response to Titles And Graphics

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good overview of the issues, Kit, backed up with strong examples. Well done!


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