titles trials

This was a task set for us to try and use typefaces and fonts to create a title that looked good suited a theme and most importantly could be read.

The first one i believe did this well as the text is clear, only uses one color and the typeface matches that of a type writer which fits the desk theme making it look like a world war spy movie.

the second didn’t work as well but still worked the oriental style of writing seemed to suit the hill in the background the glow was achieved by key-framing the alpha settings  which looked quite good but seems to give the sequence a cheap reality television look.

The third title didn’t work as the title isn’t clear to read, i had tried to give it a shattered glass look by applying a texture to the writing and roughening the edges but in the end this just looks jumpy and more like Microsoft word art back in 2005.

The forth is the one i am most proud of as it is clear to read the font and type face works really well that and the coloration make it look like a real poster title and give it a strange da-ja-vu feeling.

the final one unfortunately isn’t very readable and so fails as a title this is because the transparency gradient is too strong and really an offset image should be placed behind it and keyed like the gone girl poster.

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One Response to titles trials

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    While I’m not sold on your font choices, Kit, I’m very pleased to see you experimenting with different techniques in your titling, achieving interesting results, and exploring how and why this could be improved. It’s great to see you exploring the techniques this way. To improve further, try a range of different fonts before adding the effects—five, ten, twenty different fonts—and be confident in your typeface before applying affects. If you haven’t discovered it already, have a look at dafont.com for a range of free typefaces. Avoid the novelty choices!


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