Pre production:

In post production this task was the most problematic so far as the plans kept changing to try and make it more simple so that it would work but also stick to the brief and hint as to what a film following this clip would be about.

What did go well however is that we had lots of ideas about what we would like to do with alternatives for example at first we thought about doing a documentary opening with some scenic wides. our alternative for in case it rained (or if we couldn’t tell a story with that idea) was to set up a hospital scene with some posters and sheets and make a drama opening about amnesia (remember remember the 5th of November) using a wide of the college as the hospital exterior and the hospital scenes as flashbacks. when we looked back at these ideas we preferred the second one but eventually decided that to set this up would take to much time and that it may be straying to far from the brief. our final idea was to make an opening sequence about loneliness by using wides to show somebody on there own being ignored by society.

from this post we learnt that opening sequences can be so varied from the same idea that a lot of time is needed to establish that everyone is on one page and also that it was a wise decision to make a plan B for if the weather lets you down.



In shooting we had the issue of the rain and the road for our final wide shot. to do this we used an umbrella  to keep the camera as dry as possible at the expense of the crew. we also did this shot last as this meant that we weren’t soaked all day. when it came to crossing the road we just had to wait a long time at the crossing which though irritating was safe. When using the cameras we used the cameras poor f-stop to use the focus to our advantage by making other people in the scene seem unimportant to the main character in order to emphasize loneliness. this is based on the use of focus seen in harry potter and the goblet of fire where the focus is fixed to the most important object / character in shot. This worked successfully as the desired effect came across quite strongly thus establishing the story plot in the opening seconds.

The rain and traffic worked to our advantage as the rain acted as pathetic fallacy setting the mood for the sequence as sad and depressing. when shooting the traffic was driving past showing that the world is passing the character by. This works like the goblet of fire opening sequence again as that uses an overcast sky and a grave to set the atmosphere of the sequence to a dark moody one and the snake crossed the grave showing that it is a symbol of death through evil.


Post production:

during the editing  i used the exterior wide shot we took as a continuous shot to keep coming back too. to create the transitions from this shot i used the points at which passing vehicles  filled the screen as this felt like a natural cutting point. The first transition is a cross cut transition which went from the exterior to the interior corridor shot then again back to the exterior shot. The final transition was a wipe to make the title appear as the bus passed before the shot faded out which involved adding the wipe and key framing its progress.

to fade the final shot and the title out i key framed the opacity so that it gradually faded. I achieved the same effect on the sound using the pen tool for the interior shot to create a submerged effect by lowering the volume just before the clip starts keeping it quiet and adding a muffle effect to it before raising the volume back up again on the next clip.

In the corridor shot I used a color correction to make the mood of the shot seem sadder. to do this i applied a mask to the clip around my face using the pen tool and roto bezier settings I then lowered  the saturation of the masked layer until it was greyscale / black and white, After this I feathered the mask to make the edges softer and used the mask expansion tool to get it to look right. this meant that the people walking in out of focus were in color where as I wasn’t which creates a symbolic contrast of isolation.

The title i created was done by at first using a black video and title over a video of rain on a window i then keyed out the white of the text so that the text was the video. from here I turned these layers into a nested subsequence which allowed me to key this again onto the exterior shot so that the video text remained (with a shadow that i applied in the text editor after keying out the black background) over the original exterior shot. After this i played it back and didn’t find the freehand look of the window much so to improve upon this i did a time remap so that the video wouldn’t shake as much.

finally while editing I tried out various music such as mad world by Gary Jules but eventually decided to use elbows lippy kids as i believed that it created the right atmosphere .

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  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    I’d like to see more here, Kit—you haven’t connected this to your research or really considered the strengths of the sequence. Is it finished?


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