Open brief ideas

our story is about a person who comes across as quite dull, this person discovers an amulet which allows them to travel in time through mirrors. because of this they are chased my a mirror monster (can only be seen in mirrors.) in the end they destroy the amulet making the creature disappear and mirrors crack.


Amalie style character introduction shots.

creature pov  of the corridor chase

mirror shot of creature

med mirror touch and disappear

ots hand shadow

close up of emotion on face

close cross pan intro

ex/cu  amulet and stamps.


Our second plan for fitting this into the time allocated is to have the amulet disappearing at 12:00 and going back to trap somebody else in another time with people who have been trapped before silently shouting not to take it in the mirror. This will replace the creature and chase scenes.

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One Response to Open brief ideas

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is ambitious, but challenging! I still think, given the inevitable complexity of some of these sequences, that you could simplify further…


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