This short film shows how power can corrupt people into greed but that justice is served in the end. this is shot mostly on a tripod keeping the scene very still so that there is no energy. This is because it is suggested to be night time and the character is alone and weary. the first shot is one where the camera glides on a diagonal into the film. this could have been done by using a track, a stedicam or a very stable freehand. To show the mans frustration at the printer not working they have used a montage of fast cuts which demonstrates the adrenalin from the characters anger. this then emphasizes the slowness of the printing close up the contrast making it stand out more. this is done as it grabs your attention and makes the black hole the central theme and provides an ominous feel to its presence. In the end the twist is that the black hole falls off thus betraying the man and leaving them trapped in the safe.

This short film is about looking back at yourself. It dose nearly all shots on a tripod to show no energy in the people who are standing. This film uses mirrors which is the theme we chose, when the mirror is held up they see there reflection then swap places with the people holding the mirror. time lapse is used to show the passing of time and to establishes the busyness of the people in the location. to be honest i don’t like this film but i believe it does show what sort of things you could make a short film about mirrors about. however i don’t want our film to use the mirrors in this way.

this short film explores time remapping by filming the scene and putting it in reverse in the edit. other than that the prop looks good but thats about it from this film so i wouldn’t like to have our film look anything like this.

this clip shows the concept of an amulet style object allowing for time travel. they have shown this by using a mask around harry and hermione while a time lapse plays in the background. this is something we could copy using time remapping rather than an actual time lapse.

this shows the time travel concept using cuts to show a jump in location and time.  this may be the simplest (yet effective) way of showing the time travel aspect of the film.

This shows some simple yet effective editing techniques that may aid our mirror entry ideas and so could prove useful.

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  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Some great stuff here Kit! Well done. You’ve shown some great understanding in how the filmmakers have achieved (or tried to achieve) particular effects. Your reflection on Black Hole in particular is good, looking at how the camera movements (and lack of) generate momentum in the story. Good!


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