Dom’s set viewing

Fly this video is a film for the sake of filming. it shows the men and there freedom when they are in the mountains and desserts.  it is shot on film showing that they were either really passionate about making this film or have more money than sense. the scenery is what stands out about this film and shows scale and the animals in there natural setting which demonstrates there freedom.

Mirror this is a hard hitting film about the truth of child soldiers camps dressed as schools reflected in a ‘stereotypical western environment’ for me what hits hardest is the contrast between the innocence of a child and the violent conformist attitude that drives them to do acts of evil. however i do not like the fact that it has been put in a ‘familiar’ western environment for the message to work as when i first learnt of child soldiers i found the message even stronger in its true context than as portrayed hear.

this video hits hard with scale showing how small our lives our but how bigger impact they can have. The sadness shown is from the comes from the fact that the dog is dead and that the man has lost his best friend.

This one works well due to scenery and family connections.


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One Response to Dom’s set viewing

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good viewing and comprehension, Kit, but I’d like to see a little more technical understanding brought into your reflections. You’ve identified end results, but only partially how the filmmakers achieved them.


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