Themed film Evaluation

this film wasn’t completed due to flooding and illness which was disappointing as i enjoyed the freedom of open themes.

while we were filming most things seemed to go well at first as we were quickly able to decide on a location and set up. unfortunately on this occasion we hadn’t brought a spare battery or SD card which was very foolish of us and resulted in us loosing quite a lot of time getting the equipment sorted out. Thankfully we realized this mistake at a near location so it was easy to solve but the prospect of if we had been filming in a place a few miles away we may have lost a good hours filming. (a mistake we wont forget)

from our test shots we knew how this was going to work being shot on a tripod and so we were quickly able to get a lot of shots in a few locations that we could have played around with in editing.

the shot i was most looking forward to editing was the mirror shot as i had taken an active shot in which the camera would appear to travel through the mirror then break the 180 rule to disorientate the viewer.


over all i think this could have gone better if it wasn’t for factors outside of our control and with a bit more organisation on the day.

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One Response to Themed film Evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Agreed. There wasn’t much you could about the outcome of the film, Kit, but I’m glad to see you still thinking in such exciting ways about how to use the camera and the edit to build a sequence. Well done.


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