Film 8 Sound Scape

For this task we will take a short clip of animation (60 seconds or less) and remove all the sound before replacing it with sound we record ourselves. by layering these recordings and music we should build up an effective soundscape.

our trial:

for this we had to record clean sound in two locations. the main challenge for us in editing was aligning sound and video but thankfully we had clapped in front of the camera so that there was a peak at the point when the clappers hands meet. to record clean audio we pointed the head of the directional microphone towards point at the top of the sternum between the collar. we then tried out the levels so that they didn’t go past the cut off triangle.

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One Response to Film 8 Sound Scape

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Excellent, Kit! This is a nice wee film—crucially, as per your brief, you’ve achieved strong audio recording in two locations—I’m really pleased with this. Also good to see you looking ahead with some additional research. Sound design is an almost limitless world!


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