Research and Development

To decide upon a short animation i watched a selection of short animations mostly without the volume on. In doing this i was able to decide what it might sound like without being first influenced by the sound that is already there. In the end i decided to do part of this short animation:


hear are some of the others i looked at:

in this i imagine the sounds of heavy running in deep snow sledge tracks running over the snow and the wind rushing past. sounds heard later may consist of a heavy wood hit and some cartoon cheesy bing noises for the sudden smiles. to achieve this i would use sand and gravel as well as crushing paper to attempt to gain the snow sounds. for the wind rushing past i would try firstly recording the natural wind then people making gust noises to be edited in premier. for the wood sound effects i would try hitting various pieces of dead wood together.

For this i would crunch dry grass for the walking sounds and again natural wind and rustling leaves. For the engines i would record various cars going past to make engine noise for the ships.

For this i would use footsteps on various surfaces and the happy song

This one would require an alarm and material for the sheets and blanket moving. there are lots of things needed for this one from the wind at the start to the radio and gun shot.

This is one of my favorite  series of all time to do this  i would have white room noise and a metronome pendulum of the grandfather clock in the background. I would record dialogue from people. an explosion and a smashing wall sound effect would be used and backed with a recording of a weighted object like a bag hitting the floor. scrunched paper could create the crackling of flames.

This is my undisputed favorite series of all time. for the sound of the earth bending I would drag paper or a weighted bag across various surfaces to provide the shifting earth noises. dialogue and weighted objects falling would be my main go to for this with some slight background music.

For this i would use either a whistle or zip for the rope, snoring for the guy in bed and a wet cloth on a flat surface for the lick int he same way as seen in the foley example in my pervious post at 2.35 – 2.50.

this video would consist mainly of folding chimes and water effects.

more foley examples:



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One Response to Research and Development

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good range of sources here, Kit—I’d like some context for the Foley videos to share your own sense of the workflow, but you’ve shown a broad range of research. Now it needs analysis!


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