Sounds needed

Chimes –

Musical Triangle

string instruments i.e. guitar pluck / violin pull.

Heavy but gentle footsteps on forest floor –

Actual steps on a forest floor

piece of wood slammed into floor

Crunching bark –

bark pieces rubbed together

sand paper crunched

Wind noises through trees –

wind by voices

wind through leaves

bike wheel and paper

blink squelch –

wet cloth scrunched

Whipping noise-

damp cloth whipped into dead leaves

Creaking –

chair back creaking

Music –

to be decided but preferably something slow and mysterious

Ambience –

1 minuet 15 of recording ambience sound in a woods.

About kitjaytaylor

Film student
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One Response to Sounds needed

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a good start, Kit, though I think you’ll need to go into more detail as a next step, showing some stronger understanding of the workflows involved.


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