Sound Scape Evaluation

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

The first step in creating the sound scape was to remove the existing audio so that there was only imagery remaining for each track I assigned a different color for that I would recognize which track was which sound. The things I tried to focus on priority wise was

1: Whats in scene – sounds that make the scene feel real.                                                                   2: Emotion required to make the scene – if the scene is dark and mysterious the sounds shouldn’t be vibrant and clustered as the scene would loose nearly all of its coveted emotional content.                                                                                                                     3.What do you think can be heard outside of the frame that will add to the feeling of the scene                           

The start of the track is made of two layers the music that I found online and the ambience track that I recorded in the forest near kendal castle. For this recording the microphone was directed away from the road as the microphone was directional meaning that if any traffic went by then the microphone wouldn’t pick it up as the road isn’t close to the castle. Then I left the microphone to record at levels between -12 and -24.

The next piece of foley I added was the chimes, for this I used a keyboard on the strings setting and held various notes while I held the zoom in one hand and moved it in a circle so that it created a sort of doppler effect creating the flickering fade effect. In editing I found where I wanted to put the chimes by splitting the audio with the razor tool and placing the segments where I intended for them to be and removed any left spare. My original intention for this sound effect was to use a triangle type instrument as seen in the research video of avatar the last air bender but when I stumbled across the keyboard I decided to try it which worked really well for the video.

As well as chimes I used whispers to create a personality for the floating orbs. To do this I recorded myself breathing and whispering in the style of parseltongue from harry potter. In the edit I used audio gain to normalise the peaks to -12 to make the clips louder and layered them so that it sounded less human  then I nested the sequence and applied a pitch shift effect to make it sound like alvin and the chipmunks then I added a reverb effect and lowered the volume with the pen tool so that it sounded right. I learnt this from a quick youtube video and experimentation.

The footsteps were obtained by treading on frozen grass with boots with the microphone close to the ground which imitated the sound of crunching leaves of a forrest floor. I then took each footstep and placed it inline with when the creatures foot hits the floor. I originally applied a reverb effect but later decided against it as i felt that it sounded better and more true to the scene without.

I added slight wind noise to the beginning of track during the title by both moving a piece of paper over a rough surface and blowing across the microphone. I had to reduce the volume levels of this but raise the peaks to -10 to make it audible.  

For the creaking sound effect I moved the back of a squeaky chair at a variation of speeds in the editor i key framed these individual tracks at various points between left and right speaker so that it would have a 3d stereo feel that varies from sounding like trees off screen and on screen. I also varied the volume on each clip to add depth to the scene so that some of the trees seemed further away.

For the sound of the crunching bark was created because i notice after lunch that when I crunched two paper bags together it sounded a lot like crunching bark and so I decided to use that I had to lower the volume though because it sounded unrealistic when it was loud.

The implosion sound effect when the orb disappeared was a sound effect I got online as I couldn’t find a way to make it.  


‘In a sound film there is no need to explain the sounds.’ – Bela Balazs

this means that the sound is much freer than the picture to create an emotion as it doesn’t need explaining, for instance the orbs in my sound scape make whispering noises even though you cant see that they are what causes the whisper. If this was the other way around and you saw the orbs with whispering faces but the scene was quiet then there wouldn’t be any explanation as to why the orbs are whispering and as it is visible this would feel wrong for an audience.


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