Multi Camera Production Film 8

Multi camera productions are commonly used in festivals and concerts for filming live events as during a live event you cannot cut and start again from a different angle.

this is a sketch by monty python that would have been filmed on multi camera as it was a part of a live show:

I think this is an offline edit because  the grain suggests that it is shot on film an nobody can cut and stick reals of film together in less than a 30th of a second. After the establishing wides it cuts to show the person who is speaking and two person mid shots if they quickly follow on and react to each other. Each shot in this lasts for a few seconds and is kept still. this matches the energy of the beginning as it is a casual conversation. this video is unusual in that as the energy of the performance increases the shots get longer, is due to the characters exaggerating there hardships in greater detail.

again this video starts with a wide to establish the setting and then close ups on each member of the band. unlike the monty python wide the second wide in this is video the camera has some movement too it giving it more energy building up to the start of the music. once the song starts the camera almost never stops moving and cuts faster which keeps the energy high.  a lot of experimental movements and angles are used for instance at 53 seconds there is a low angle corkscrew shot I believe this is used as it portrays the bands identity much more than using the normal pans, tilts and slides. Again I think this is an offline edit as there is a crossfade at 32 seconds which thought possible on a online edit would be much more likely to be done offline.

Unlike the other two this video starts zoomed in rather than in a wide in order to make the video look less like a live edit and more like a music video.  once again the camera is rarely stationary which builds the energy for the song. the second wide shows lights like a load of stars in the sky which matches the songs lyrics and also adds an element of wonder to the piece. Unfortunately it also hides an element of sadness that due to pollution we haven’t been able to see the true sky for over 2000 years which is deeply saddening.



I found this site during research:

which talks about some of the advantages and disadvantages of multi camera shoots.

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One Response to Multi Camera Production Film 8

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good work here, Kit, but I’d like you to conclude with a summary of your findings. For example, how can you use the moving camera in your own edits, when we don’t have access to big jibs or dollies? We have a small slider and a small jib, but that’s it—does handheld footage transfer the same energy? What have you learned about pace, and how can that transfer to your own plans?

    As an additional note, the Four Yorkshiremen wouldn’t have been shot on film, but early video. What you identify as grain (good guess, by the way!) is actually the noise of a crude video tape system—there’s no way to cut live with exposed film.



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