Multi-camera cutting trial

for this I experimented with the multi camera alignment settings. Firstly i tried synchronizing the videos through audio, however this didn’t work so i went to the source clip and found a distinct movement that occurred in both clips and added a marker to it and then did the same for the other clip. I gave both markers the same name then aligned them through the same settings as the audio ( select both clips, ctrl click make multi cam seq, clip markers.)

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2 Responses to Multi-camera cutting trial

  1. simonsylvester says:

    Some good cuts here, Kit, despite the obvious restraints of the exercise! Nice one.


  2. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good process, Kit. I’d like more, though: how was the editing process once you’d synched the clips? Are you happy with the results, or did you want/need more footage to cut with? What were you missing to make this a more effective edit, and therefore, most crucial of all, what have you learned to carry into planning your next multi-camera shoot?


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