Pink Floyd Research

This music video starts mainly with the use of wides and then goes into a close side shot of Rodger waters using the rule of thirds for his positioning and the positioning of the drummer in frame. this shot is stationary where as the initial wides all had movement till the wide where the stage is colored in. as a general trend the camera is still for close ups and moves during wides.

in this live version again it has been shot using mostly wides to show the model of a wall and the giant puppet.

This is the song that my group will be working on. The band pink floyd is one of the most acclaimed bands in the world, they have international success and have a huge influence on the wold of music. They also happen to be my dads favorite band so I’ve heard them a lot.

‘The Wall concept also spawned a film, the original idea for which was to be a combination of live concert footage and animated scenes. However, the concert footage proved impractical to film. Alan Parker agreed to direct and took a different approach. The animated sequences would remain, but scenes would be acted by professional actors with no dialogue. Waters was screen-tested, but quickly discarded and they asked Bob Geldof to accept the role of Pink. Geldof was initially dismissive, condemning The Walls storyline as “bollocks”. Eventually won over by the prospect of participation in a significant film and receiving a large payment for his work, Geldof agreed. Screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1982, Pink Floyd – The Wall premièred in the UK in July 1982.’ – wikipedia


The wall is based on Rodger Waters personal experiences of the school system and how it grinds you up and spits you out like a meet grinder. in other words it was a machine designed to remove your freedom and make you conform to society. I believe this was his way of rebelling and getting others to see the system through his eyes.

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  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good context and research here, Kit! Well done. How will your understanding filter into your final video?


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