Multi Cam evaluation



When i was doing my research i found that the majority of Pink Floyd’s brick in the wall concert recordings were mostly made up wide shots with a balance of moving and still cameras and quite long takes. this might be because of the way the song seems to addressing the larger audience. this helped when drawing up the floor plan as we all seemed to agree on where to place cameras and which would move. during research it was clear that the base guitar was the main focus and so that is what we tried to focus on during the shoot (bass, singer, keyboard).

When setting up the cameras initially we had issues as we had to move them away again so that the technical crew could sort out the music equipment, the first time we recorded the band was set up for the wrong song which changed everything in our plans so we just had to hope for the best and record the song in the time we had. this was interesting as we managed to get some decent shots. At the end of the day we got the chance to go in again and record our planned song. i set the cameras all to auto white balance, iso 200 and frame rate 50, 1080/25. my role was standing on the ladder with a hand held camera for close ups of each of the band members and instruments. next time i would have chanced this so that it was on a gorilla pod to keep the image more steady with it being such a zoomed in lens. and also to use a monitor as what i thought was focused on the little screen wasn’t as well focused on the mac screen, this may have been down to the screen quality or the dark lighting tricking my eyes.

In the edit I used the warp stabilizer on my clip to remove as much shake as possible before selecting all the clips I was going to be using and creating a multi camera sequence by finding the same point on each video  and creating a marker at those points with the same name so that adobe could then line them up for me. the opening scene uses a plugin from after effects  to create a wall shatter effect. The wall itself was made up of a picture of a wall and overlaid text. To cut the video I firstly cut to any solo instruments with a wide of the band at the beginning as this shows were the sound comes from which means the audience is satisfied.

As in the original my first shot was a wide shot which shows most of the band so the audience knows who is performing. The second shot shows the bass and keyboard player as the bass starts the tune before cutting into



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