Film 9

For film 9 I am going to try to base my sequence on the use of volumetric light, particularly in wide shots, and in the history of art.


This scene shows a figure walking out of / into the light  with shadows which feathers out the closer you get to the camera. This creates a feeling of distance specifically depth. By definition this is volumetric lighting and in this scene the feeling it creates is mysterious as it pulls the attention of the viewer to the silhouetted figure and hides everything else meaning that anyone watching will wonder what it is they can’t see and where it is the figure has come from.

This picture shows the typical image of volumetric lighting with the emphasis on contrast. the only colors used are yellow and black at various shades with a black figure partially taking up some of the yellow which in turn takes up part of the black room.

This is a shot from the Witcher where the lighting has been used to add to the aesthetic and depth by making the trees seem denser than they  would seem if plain lighting had been used.

This shot is used to show the search / spot lights shining through smog in order to show the dark and pollution of the time.

Volumetric lighting is used a lot in film noir as it can create a dramatic feel that you can only achieve through use of lighting. In this shot the light is hitting the Vientiane blinds which creates shadows through the haze subliminally submerging the audience in the scene.

This shot of Rivendell is a painting that was animated in post using the Chiaroscuro effect to simulate depth and realism.


Volumetric light is used in film art and gaming. It is a cinematography technique which adds depth and realism to a scene. Volumetric light is where light shines through haze which makes the light beams visible throughout the environment. For instance this shot uses a fixed light to do just that:


This video by video copilot shows some of what I intend to try focusing on the use of gobos.  It is the only video I know of that they have done that uses practical effects rather than visual effects.

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