Project Proposal


Overview: In my previous projects I have found that I have made progress in terms of image and editing. for image I have learnt about focus and exposure, the focus is effected by the depth of field. And exposure is controlled by the exposure triangle (iso, aperture, shutter speed) iso is how sensitive to light it is the higher the iso the more light but you also get more noise interference with the image. aperture is like the iris of the eye controlling the size of the pupil and the depth of field. while shutter speed is exactly what it says on the tin and thus affects the amount of motion blur. I have learnt how to use adobe premier pro such as making a multi cam sequence, basic cutting and clip synchronization. mostly what I  have found that I need work on is camera i.e focus but also creating a dramatic frame which is why i would like to experiment with lighting.

My first film the bull and the shrimp used the handy cams and so the image quality would not have been able to match the DSLR’s but it used lots of shots and shot lengths. In this project I found that the places we struggled was in positioning and thinking about use of extras.

The second film we did was the action sequence were my group did a film about an orange rolling off a table. In this we learnt about the speed needed for cutting to build the action sequence and about focus + depth of field in the DSLR’s. This was what presented the biggest challenge as focusing on a moving target with a shallow depth of field requires a lot of practice and patience.

Film 3 was an opening sequence where I learnt how to add main titles and that the opening shots should have been more chronological in order to better tell the story.

Film 4 was a film poem. for this project I learnt about sound recording and video / audio synchronization. In this project we fond that our final footage was partially over exposed due to there being so much lighting on the stairs as we couldn’t alter the lights we should have adjusted the cameras settings.

film 6 was a themed project in which my group took the theme mirrors and tried to make a sequence in which a guy who finds an alarm clock ends up getting trapped in a mirror. for this project the issues came in the form of flooding and illness. Unfortunately this meant that this film couldn’t be completed this time :( .

Film 7 was the sound scape were we learnt how to create sounds using things that are not found on-screen to make seemingly diegetic sound. In this I found that the biggest issue was background sounds when recording such as traffic and birdsong.

film 8 was the multi camera sequence where we learnt about editing and setting up a multi camera sequence.



Aims: For this film I hope to use lights and a haze machine to create dramatic depth and atmosphere. To do this I will find an interesting dark location such as a cave or attic room or just a dark studio room where I would set up a panel light(s) behind a window or opening with the haze machine having generated a fine mist which would make the light beams show up. I then would like the video to have quite extreme angles to emphasize the depth of the light while some sort of action takes place through or around the light. To achieve this I will look at other people’s use of volumetric lighting and look at its origins in the history of art.


to evaluate this film I will analyze my shots after they have been through post to say what I like about them and what I think needs improvement. For this film I also intend to make a behind the scenes style video to show the proses of setting up and I will then review this to see if anything I do practically could be made more effective or efficient. my ideas will be recorded on this blog and any changes I make will be mentioned in order as they appear. for this I may end up working with some of the drama department which could have its issues as they will have their own schedule and so there might be issues with timing which would be overcome hopefully through a discussion to arrange time. my evaluation should look at my work and be critical of how I have met my aims.


for the planning I hope to do it in this order:

1: Research 2: Analysis 3: Shot for shot remake + Story free trial shots 4: Shot list 5: Health and safety 6: Location scouting  7: Storyboard  8: Test shots 9: Shooting 10: Edit 11: Evaluation.

The lighting I will use, the haze machine and camera + sound set will come from college, along with anyone who will do acting. Locations will be found through scouting and I will build any props I might need from owned material scraps and pieces of wood.


From the book …… I have learnt about white balance and lights temperature. This should assist me in creating a mood for various scenes.

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One Response to Project Proposal

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    The content here is really good, Kit, but you need to revisit your presentation. Your capitalisation tends to slip a little bit when you’re writing longer pieces like this; it’s particularly important to refine and improve this for formal documents like the project proposal. Have another read-through for capitals!

    The content is generally excellent. To improve further: condense your rationale into more general points, rather than a film-by-film review, in order to create an overview. Where the Rationale needs less, your Project Concept needs a little more: your aims are clear, but you could further explore the sort of thing you’re going to look at by discussing specific films (and art history) and detailing the techniques involved. I would also impress on you how vital it is to minimise the story aspect of your final product. The technique you’re exploring is far more important than the finished product. If you can build a very short story, then that’s fine; but do not sacrifice detail and depth in your study of volumetric light by getting distracted by a story, props, script, casting, directing etc. It makes far more sense to completely nail a short film sequence than to distract yourself with elements which take your project off-topic.

    Check your capitals!


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