3 Point Lighting

3 point lighting is used to light a subject so that they are clear to see from the front while the back light stops the subject merging with any dark background in order to highlight the shots depth. the side light is used to fill out any shadows that have too much contrast with the rest of the subject.

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these are pictures from our 3 point lighting trials showing how each light contributes to lighting the scene. the key and back light were Arri 650 fresnel and the side light was a diffused panel light. we tried using reflectors and diffusers so that the shot looked right on the camera and that each light seemed the same camera.

Reflector – reflects the light so that it can be manipulated and/or softened.

Diffuser – spreads the light out softening hard edges and removing intensity.

barn doors – alters the width size of the lights beam.


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