Shot Lists

1 wide room being searched by torch

2 pov hidden character

3 pov torch holder jump scare


1 wide shot volumetric light coming from above

2 med shot character leans into light.

3 side close character leans out of the light


1 wide light fades up character on floor

2 hand in light as a gobo

3 beneath shot of hand as gobo


1 med tree branch gobo cam at light

2 effect of gobo on an object or person

3 wide showing how the gobo effects the light

story bord v2

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One Response to Shot Lists

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is good preproduction, Kit, and I especially like your storyboards—but any post like this needs a little annotation or introduction, so you can explain the context for a reader. Good work though!


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