Volumetric Lighting Test Shots

For this test shot I tried using the haze machine in order to provide the light with are large medium that would allow its rays to be visible. The weekend I shot this my relatives were sprung on me so I had less time than I thought meaning that on Sunday night I tried a night shoot. I wasn’t impressed with the results on camera and I feel that this is mostly due to the fact that it was outside and I was unable to contain the haze and so it escaped over the wall. (thankfully my neighbors were out) the torch beam had very little impact and the street light wasn’t directional and so didn’t provide  the effect I was looking for (though the effect was interesting.)  I believe that the main issue I had was the fact that the surroundings were to dark and the haze to dense to the point where there was no point in having any sort of location or subject as it wouldn’t have shown up negating my intended purpose for the volumetric lighting which is to add depth to a scene and subject.

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One Response to Volumetric Lighting Test Shots

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Great work, Kit, but again—this needs some annotation or context to explain your process. If those thigns are in another post, then this video should be in that post as well!


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