Final Shot List(s)

1: Ambient pan from right to left camera position 2. This will show rafters and the wall

2: Ambient pan from left to right camera position 2. Same as above

3: Mid shot entering the attic camera position 5. Tripod at its lowest tilting to follow the character entering the attic.

4: Close up of doll from its front camera position 1.

5: Side mid shot of exploration camera position 2. Still shot.

6: Pov shot of torch beam through haze camera position 4. Hand held.

7: Mid shot of a sudden head turn camera position 3. Still.

8: Mid shot of swinging noose camera position 1. Still.

9: Pov shot doll  watching from the shadows camera position 6. Steady hand held.
floor plan

cam 1: shots 8, 4

cam 2: shots 1, 2, 5

cam 3: shot 7

cam 4: shot 6

cam 5: shot 3

cam 6: shot 8




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One Response to Final Shot List(s)

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    I know that you know what you’re doing, Kit, but I’d like this to have a little more structure or formality (including capitalisation!). This could be as simple as numbering the shots, and expand to reference camera movement, prop notes, costume notes, effects, dialogue and so on.


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