FMP project proposal


This college year I have made a number of films of various genre. I have learnt and built up experience of using various pieces of equipment (such as cannon 5D DSLR’s, directional and open rode microphones with zoom recorders as well as adobe editing software), taking ideas from concept to creation and developing a picture of where I belong in the film industry. I have experimented with sound and lighting both of which I have really enjoyed. The thing I love most about dramas is that you take an idea no matter how unrealistic then suspend the disbelief of the audience. I have particularly enjoyed experimenting with composition as it has allowed me to think clearly how a sequence of shots will actually look on camera rather than in my head whilst also allowing me to find new angles to change a scenes aesthetic and emotional content of a scene meaning I feel happier with the way I communicate shot ideas. This will make my ideas clearer to other people and have an impact on the aesthetic of my films allowing me to focus on semiotics and practical effects.


Project Concept:

My FMP stimuli is ‘home’ it will be a short story about a person who leaves their heart at home (bad pun on home is where the heart is) it will be no longer than 2 minutes (3000 frames)  and will show off the techniques and processes I have learnt this year to the best of my ability.

For this project I shall use Foley sound, based upon my previous project, meaning that the sounds will add to the narrative and meaning for a listener. In it there shall be at least one case of volumetric lighting as I believe that it could enhance the films aesthetic appeal and make what would be a very plain shot and turn it into something quite special meaning that it would make the subject of the scene seem more important thus supporting the narrative of the whole film. Unlike my previous work which has normally been shot inside, I shall shoot outdoors and I shall attempt to emulate specific weather conditions which along with the more unfamiliar camera equipment (Steadicam and jib) should make the film appear to be of a higher production value than my other films and should make it feel like you are following the actors story rather than the physically following the actor feel of hand-held. I will also be using white balance for dramatic effect specifically when it comes to a sequences overall temperature.

For this film I shall shoot in a number of locations on Walney island and in Kendal emulating bad weather and creating props such as a heart and (spoilers) a fake floor that I shall use to create a transition.



Evaluation is an important process that aids the self improvement of a film maker. Evaluation makes you reflect on what you have done and how you could improve which means that in the future you can change things so that you feel happier with your work. evaluating work demonstrates critical self analysis and a desire to improve which is a recognized skill in many different fields especially in the arts. To evaluate my work I shall record how my ideas evolve on this blog and with a record of all my written work, captured stills and short videos of the process as it unfolds. My final evaluation shall be a detailed, in-depth review of what went well, how I can improve, why I chose to do certain things and how I think they were effective.


Project Action Plan (schedule):

Week 1:

Begin researching weather emulation analyze and collect the required commodity’s in order to do the same myself.

Week 2:

research comedic styles that I can analyze and try to recreate. Film weather tests.

Week 3:

experiment using the Steadicam and jib + start creating props.

Week 4:

research + continue to make props (if necessary).

Week 5:

Kendal location scouting during week, Walney at week end.

Week 6:

Test shots.

Week 7:


Week 8:


Week 9:


Week 10:

Foley + edit.

Week 11:

edit + present + evaluation.


Proposed Research Sources And Bibliography:

For my main source of research I shall be using YouTube as it shows you how things are done through video. My other sources of research will be lesser known websites detailing factors that will aid me to improve upon base research and problem solving. As well as websites I shall consult books and ask people questions in the form of a survey meaning that I can gather unique information.

More specifically I shall be using videos such as ‘alone’ to think about the films coloring and composition. whilst i shall be using a mixture of websites books and videos such as ‘$15 DIY rain machine’ to learn any helpful tricks for when it comes to making my own rain.


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2 Responses to FMP project proposal

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is all excellent work, Kit, hitting every section of the Project Proposal except Research—that’s too short and too vague. Use some specific films and specific sources to act as springboards into more general research areas—for example, “I’m going to use Vimeo shorts such as The Runners for examples of how steadicam on a moving device can generate energy in a shot.”


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