Story And Idea Development

My story idea is that a person try’s to enter a specific place but is stopped from entering due to there lack of a heart. When they realize that they have no heart they realize that they must have left it at home and so have to walk home through stormy conditions to get back home and to get there heart back.

This focuses on the ‘home’ stimuli as it is about the journey home and how the home makes people feel comfortable. To create this feeling of comfort the living space of the home will have a warm white balance and lighting in contrast to exterior shots which will be cooler and naturally lit.

My idea will use through object transitions for slightly comedic effect for instance I could use it to show the audience where the heart is and i could use it to show the characters lack of heart.

So far in this story i’m thinking that the heart should be beneath the floorboards floating in a jar and will fade once the character is home. This will express that once the character is home they get there heart back literally and metaphorically. I am also thinking of opening with a wide shot with a radio giving a weather forecast to foreshadow the journey.



The start of my film will be a wide shot of the location the character being refused entry to a location due to the lack of a heart. The character will check there pulse and find that its not there. the location of the heart will be shown beneath the floorboards in a jar with volumetric lighting with a title.


The middle of the film is a journey sequence in which the character will struggle against bad weather in order to get home.


The character gets home and recovers from there journey by having a hot chocolate by the fire. The heart fades from the jar and reappears in the characters thorax.


I have changed the start of my film so that the character is lost after a day out as this suits the narrative better than the original start. The heart sequence is introduced as the character is scared by a noise such as a twig snapping of birds suddenly flying away.

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2 Responses to Story And Idea Development

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a wicked idea, Kit. I suspect you’ll need to refine it along the way, and I don’t know how you’ll nail some of the effects with the heart, and it looks to me like more than two minutes’ worth, but those are actually all very small concerns—it’s a great idea, and I’m looking forward to seeing where you go with it.


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