Project Diary

Day 1: Wrote down the general idea for the film in a blog post and begun researching ways to create poor weather conditions on a budget and to make it look better than simply a hose pipe or watering can.

Day 2: Built on the idea of transitions and have an opening shot in mind. Started to research ways of performing the more complex transitions and the psychology and anthropology of laughter.

Day 3: Did research on visual comedy such as the styles of Edgar Wright and Buster Keaton.

Day 4: Reviewed and updated research on shots and equipment.

Week 2:

Asked at Costa coffee for the recipe for the ‘perfect hot chocolate.’

Researched transition and model making (particularly paper-mache)

week 3:

Started rough shot list.

Started a post on format.

Created a tick list to keep track of where I am.

The weeks after ending 14th of June:

  • Created posts for all tick list areas.
  • Filmed.
  • Edited video.
  • Got pick ups to improve the flow or look.
  • Added vfx (rain and wet floors.)
  • Added sound (Foley.)



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