Health And Safety


rain is a low level risk. Rain is water and so holds most of the same risks. the rain can cause wet surfaces to be very slippy and so you want to ensure that people avoid running and wear good footwear to prevent slipping (especially if carrying equipment which could cause further injury and damage)

The rain should be kept from electrical equipment as the rain could damage the equipment or in the worst case give the operator a nasty shock. To avoid this the equipment should be kept back from the rains circumference or be provided with a water proof coat.

After the shoot everyone involved should be warmed up to prevent anyone from contracting an illness or loosing moral. As well as after people should wear sensible clothing such as macs and hats simply to keep warm.



Low risk. Heavy equipment is a risk because if it fell on somebody it could cause serious injury. thankfully other than lights the equipment i will be using is not particularly heavy, but would still cause some nasty injuries so I should  keep people away from beneath lights and should keep wires out of the way to avoid causing tripping hazards. Lights can be extremely hot so they should be allowed to cool and handled with gloves to prevent burns


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2 Responses to Health And Safety

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good stuff, Kit! But again, I’d like to see this formalised in a risk assessment (template is on the college blog!). It’s a strong way of identifying, collating, managing and minimising your risks.


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