Shot List

  1. Wide shot of scenery out of an open window with an old radio on the right.
  2. Medium front shot character being thrown out of building.
  3. High angle close up of characters face
  4. Low angle medium shot of bouncer.
  5. Fast dolly in / crash zoom towards characters chest.
  6. Inside chest shot.
  7. Close pan up of characters face.
  8. Over the shoulder looking at character walk away.
  9. Medium shot hear in jar below floor
  10. Close of heart with Title
  11. Wide shot character + bouncer walking away.
  12. Medium tracking shot behind character  rain starts.
  13. Close shot from above of character looking up.
  14. High angle wide shot.
  15. Medium shot character struggling against the wind.
  16. Wide waiting by road side car goes past and splashes character.
  17. Close up of character.
  18. Pan with character to dead end then reverse.
  19. Close up of newspaper / wrapper blowing into characters face causing them to trip.
  20. Low angle walk towards door.
  21. Medium side shot porch / entrance.
  22. Close shot of a mug placed on work top.
  23. Close shot of milk in microwave.
  24. Close shot of coco and sugar then milk being added.
  25. Medium shot person being comfortable
  26. Medium shot heart in jar heart fades.
  27. Medium shot of  chest cavity with the heart fading in.
  28. Medium front shot of person in comfort.
  29. Credits


  1. Sunny wide shot from above of character sunbathing and receiving a text message.
  2. Sunny wide side shot of the character sunbathing and getting a text message.
  3. Wide shot of character checking map and setting off into the distance away from the camera.
  4. Medium wide jib pan up as character walks towards camera. Ends with a crash zoom towards the heart.
  5. Close internal shot of empty (heartless) chest cavity.
  6. Reverse jib shot (aka crash out).
  7. Medium pan down to heart below floorboards.
  8. Titles
  9. Medium shot of character stood in the rain checking map.
  10. Close shot of character walking through a puddle.
  11. Wide shot the character passes the camera from left to right pause the back again from right to left.
  12. Medium shot character hesitates then walks back again.
  13. Close shot abandoned torn up map.
  14. Medium shot character enters bus shelter.
  15. Wide shot with slight pan of car driving.
  16. Medium shot of splash and reaction on face.
  17. Wide shot character entering the house grounds.
  18. Close up of the lock and key.
  19. Medium shot of fire.
  20. Medium shot of empty jar beneath the floorboards with slow zoom.
  21. Close shot of heart in thorax beating.
  22. Medium zoom out to show character in comfort.
  23. Credits

Shots 1 – 3 in a sandy location.

Shot 4 and 6 at a forested edge.

Shot 5 and 21 in thorax model.

shot 9 – 13 in forested area.

14-16 in urban area.

17 – 22 at home.

Shots 9- 18 require rain.

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One Response to Shot List

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a good shot list in terms of the content, Kit. It would look better in a more formalised document though—there are many shot list templates online, including our course blog! I’d also like to see some annotation or explanation that explores the process that developed this shot list.


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