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This assembly uses the shots taken on my first weekend of filming some of the shots will have to be redone in order to make them of the quality I am after. The shot i will re do will be the one of the phone as you can see the reflection of the camera in the screen. also I may use motion graphics like those seen in sherlock to show what the message is saying more clearly.

For the shots involving rain I shall ensure that the entire scene is covered by either taking an alpha rain stock video or using after effects built in cc rain.

Making the rain went well though because as you can see in the pictures below it was a very sunny weekend and I only had a watering can and a bucket to get water from the nearby stream. This made locations difficult as it required us to be near a source of water as it is both heavy and necessary in the art of rain making. To get the rain flowing we also had to go to locations were we could safely have the watering can at height so we secured the watering can with a rope with my dad up a tree to pour it and on a bridge while we filmed under it. I also had an umbrella to ensure that the camera stayed dry (health and safety.

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Most of my shots were jib shots which meant that with each change of location there was a lot of setting up to do so in each location I ensured that the jib shots were the first I got.

The puddle shot was done by pre soaking the ground with the watering can just above the sheltered camera so that it looks as though it is raining.

In after effects I have added cgi rain using the cc rain effect and changing the size and speed of the particles so that they look like the watering can droplets. another thing i have done to make this scene more realistic is to mask around the path frame by frame and to use a curves adjustment to make it seem darker and there for wet i then took it further again by using a bevel effect to create fake puddles (damp patches) at the side of the path.

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One Response to The Edit

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Very, very, VERY good work, Kit. I can’t update Java on this laptop anymore, so I can’t tell if you’ve included a bunch of screenshots of your AE work, but if you haven’t—you really should. It’s a very strong use of a challenging skillset, and you should be giving yourself all possible credit for the work you’ve done. It might be helpful to discuss your actual practical workflow in more detail, too, exploring and explaining more of the decisions you made—the end result is good, and I don’t feel you’ve given yourself enough credit for it in this post.


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