Weather emulation

To recreate bad weather I expect to use white balance a hose pipe and a fan. To create rain I would use a hose pipe held from atop a step ladder with a fan being used to simulate the strong gusts of wind that will make it seem more realistic.

This video shows one way to make the rain more realistic than just a hose pipe.

Following to make the rain more realistic: take a piece of hose pipe tubing, put a number of holes in one side of it facing up and secure it out of shot. by aiming the hose up gravity and air resistance will cause it to disperse as it falls thus creating a more realistic effect.

Singing in the rain uses fake rain to great effect making the weather look exaggeratedly bad which is the same sort of thing as I wish to achieve. They have up ward facing sprinklers set out along the road that have been on to pre-soak the street.

When you’re shooting rain, it has to be backlit, or you may not see it very well. There have been a lot of stories about how we put milk in the water so you could see the rain. It’s not true. You have to put the light behind the rain so that the raindrops show. If you put the light in front of the rain, with no light behind it, the rain disappears‘. –

this is a good article for a higher end rain sequence but it contains a lot of useful information that will apply in my low budget rain shot. in particular the information on timing lighting and direction.

according to the article above the best shot types for me will be the closer shots such as medium and close as these will not require as grander setup in order to create realistic rain.

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2 Responses to Weather emulation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Excellent work here, Kit, using multiple industry sources to generate a consensus on how to achieve the rain effect. I’m very pleased you’ve referrred to several sources, rather than only one—that shows strong depth of research.


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