Home is Where the Heart is.

Home is where the heart is is a dialogue free semi realistic fictional drama about a girl who has lost her way as well as her heart. She is on a journey to get home.

The story opens with the girl on the beach sunbathing when she receives a text telling her to make her way home while there are hint that the weather is getting worse (radio weather forecast, the wind picking up). The girl checks a map to find her way back before setting off leaving her phone behind so that the audience knows that she has no way of contacting anyone if she gets in trouble. While following the map it gets slightly darker and she gets a fright from a noise. While she is frightened she puts her hand to her heart is puzzled to find it isn’t there. At this point the audience will be shown that the heart is at home in a jar beneath the floor boards before cutting back to her reaction. Next there is a location change to a more forested and the rain starts. She will again be checking the map but will be miserable (this should be emphasized be heavy rain and blue lighting.) there should be a short montage of shots in this sort of location where to emphasize her frustration at being lost should have a scene in which she turns back and goes the other way. after about four or five shots she should abandon the map. Once it is established that the map has been abandoned there is another location change to an urban area. this part of the film should have the character try and shelter at a bus stop or over hanging structure before a car passes splashing her (should be visual comedy and will also show the the girl is having a terrible time and that there is no avoiding it.) The urban shots should also have the girl making it back to the house and unlocking the door. The final part of this film is an interior location that should look dark but warm and comfortable. this scene is to emphasize comfort and so should have shots of a fire and comfortable chair. This scene should establish the comforting factors such as making a hot chocolate before showing the jar beneath the floorboards empty and a beating heart back inside the characters thorax. the final shot should be a look of comfort on the characters face before moving into the credits.

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