Why People Read Comics


‘I think as comic book readers we are ultimately attracted to good story telling and interesting characters.  Comics like Daredevil are very psychologically complex and believable, and deal with conflicts that are ultimately just exaggerated or intensified versions of conflicts that exist in the real world.  Its like melodrama but not only making the drama theatric, but also the combat and violence.  With outer space books like Silver Surfer, while these characters can be interesting in certain context, they tend to remove the story telling from what people actually experience too much.  In other words stories like Daredevil are hyper-realistic, while stories like the Silver Surfer are too unrealistic.’ – http://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/off-topic-5/why-do-people-honestly-read-comic-books-543255/

Multiple sources say the same sort of thing. This suggests that the primary reason for people reading comics is escapism; they like to imagine themselves as a character or in that characters world. Taking this as a foundation for  how we want to make the audience feel we want to immerse them in the comic as much as possible with the parallaxing this would create a 2.5D feeling which would make it more immersive than just a 2D image. the face swap idea provides a different style of immersion where they get to swap places with there chosen character.

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