Comic Arts Festival


The lakes international comic arts festival has been run since 2013 and is the only festival of its kind in the uk. Like many festivals it covers a large number of venues around the town in which it is located in this case Kendal.

Over the course of the festival there are many events both ticketed and walk in. These events include masterclasses, chances to meet artists and authors and to see work being done. The festival represents comics from all over the world and at all levels of experience making it a big experience for any comic book or graphic novel loving fan.

The guest list means that a lot of the audience will be excited about the work done by the people above who are all most likely fans from around the world of multiple comics especially the comic book styles seen in the work by the guests above.

Julie Tait set up the festival in 2013 after developing a love of comics from reading them with her young son.  As an experienced festival organizer (lakes alive) she has helped comic arts festival become a great success  in just three years and is getting greater.

In review The festival gained praise for the location of kendal as it meant that it was a relaxed atmosphere and that all the locations were at a reasonable distance from each other. Fans say that it is all consuming and really does take over the town with opportunities and events for people of all ages. ‘an event like this really does bring a bit of brightness to a pretty grey world.’- Ian Wheeler 2014

LICAF evaluation

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