Idea Development

My initial overall idea was to set up a pre-lit green screen in the bar with some pre-parallaxed scenes set up so that an audience member could stand in front of the green screen have there picture taken then be keyed or face swapped into the scene of there choice via a live after effects / Photoshop edit.

After visiting the bar and collaborating with my tutor and technician we came to the conclusion that a live edit with green screen and camera in such a small place would be impractical as it would get in peoples way and take time and effort before and during the festival. Due to the projection size the effect wouldn’t look as good as it would as a large projection as for safety reasons the projectors are close to the wall and are high up meaning that the projection will be small and high on the wall.  Taking this into account we decided to create a social media based face swap wall where people get to face swap with a character then share it on social media with a given hash tag.

To achieve our idea we used our research to find Mark Millar’s most famous works then find faces that worked with the face swap app on snap chat.

By making a face swap wall groups of friends would be able to have a laugh at each others swaps whilst creating an immersive experience for each fan.

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