Planning And Producing

Location and Floor Plan:

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-9-44-43-am screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-9-44-18-am14619994_1152740444773704_1075956255_n

Risk Assessment:

Crowds and audience:

In Ruskins there will be a large number of people in a confined space this is an issue as when people get into a crowd people can feel claustrophobic and start to panic resulting in extreme cases with a mass hysteria event. Though unlikely that this will escalate to such extremes the risk of  discomfort is high. to deal with this we are relying on the bar staff who have experience of the festival for crowd management.

Projectors and Lights:

The danger with projectors and lights is of them blinding people and falling. as there were so many risks involved it was high risk, for this purpose the projectors were securely placed over head angled down above eye level so as not to blind passers by or get in peoples way.


Testing images:

14646671_1152708924776856_12513682_o 14647333_1152708874776861_1164095069_o 14689910_1152708818110200_874534870_o

For the process of selecting the images we would project we tested the images both for on screen face detection and for projected face swapping. this helped us choose our eight images from some of Mark Millar’s most famous work. Then I scaled them into a composition at the same ratio as our frame size so that the projection could be mapped perfectly with each image lasting two minutes with a caption naming the comic and character.

Making the boards and frames:

to get our boards and frames we went to a charity shop and purchased some frames of simlar size. We took these images back and removed the paintings and glass before taking them to art who cut us some foam boards which we fitted. we also obtained another pair of boards which we used as title boards. To make the title boards we took some of mark Millar’s work into Photoshop and edited it before using a high quality printer to print it onto glossy photo paper on a large scale which we then used fixative to secure to our boards.

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