The room is in darkness with two characters Maddie and Dorothy on the ground with an orange tinted spot light on each of them. they are cuffed together at the wrist and have evidently been injured.There is a pocket watch on the floor that stops ticking. Maddie wakes up and stands realizing that they are cuffed to the unconscious Dorothy.

MADDIE The hell?

DOROTHY Whoa whoa whoa why are you cuffing me?

MADDIE Im not cuffing you. (She kneels down and examines the pocket watch then talks under her breath) huh.

DOROTHY standing What is it whats wrong? MADDIE Nothing its just broken… We need to get out of here come on.

DOROTHY HELLO (echoes fade) and which way is out?

MADDIE We’ll look for a wall or something come on. They go looking for walls disappearing into the dark footsteps fading the ticker on the timer goes backwards. then reappearing as they walk into the same light. Dorothy starts whistling a tune which starts to irritate Maddie who silently gets angrier.

MADDIE Could you please stop whistling!

DOROTHY I can’t help it I’m nervous.



They continue to wonder in the dark Dorothy now humming. They arrive back in the light again and again.

MADDIE Were back here again! Everything goes silent.

DOROTHY Its a loop we’ll probably die here or just be stuck forever and ever and ever and ever…. Her voice fades out along with everything else.

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