Shot List

  1. Med tracking shot showing Maddie unconscious on the flaw.
  2. Med tracking shot showing Dorothy unconscious on the flaw.
  3. Med tracking shot showing pocket watch.
  4. Close shot of watch face as watch stops working.
  5. Ext close of Maddie’s eye.
  6. Mid shot of Maddie getting up.
  7. Close of the cuffs restraining her
  8. Close of Dorothy’s face waking.
  9. Over the shoulder shot of Dorothy getting up.
  10. Mid shot picking up watch from the front.
  11. Mid shot from the side.
  12. Over the shoulder from the front.
  13. Close shot of Dorothy shouting.
  14. Wide shot echo.
  15. Ext wide echo.
  16. Med 2 person shot.
  17. Close of pocket watch reversing.
  18. Silhouette shot whistling starts.
  19. Close shot Dorothy whistling.
  20. Close shot Maddie’s face in the light angry.
  21. Wide shot.
  22. Pocket watch goes back again.
  23. Wide shot characters passing through the light Dorothy humming Maddie exasperated.
  24. Med shot from back characters entering the light.
  25. Med 2 person shot

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One Response to Shot List

  1. Dom Bush says:

    As ever you have worked hard on your blog and put in plenty of detail in your research and planning posts. The characteristics and contexts blog post is good and appears to have given you some good grounding.
    It would be good to see some film festival research added in there, I hope you aplan on entering your final film too.
    There isn’t a great deal of time left to create your film, get on with it! Well done for your hard work so far Kit.


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