Unit 11 Marketing Research

20th Century Fox

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Each of these websites use a typical layout at the top there is a menu bar which allows the reader to easily navigate to the part of the website they want to view however they each consist of a different number of choices. For example 20th Century Fox  has two main options ‘Movies’ and ‘TV’ with a more discrete one to the side of ‘F&Q’  in comparison to the others this has the least areas to navigate too which as a marketing technique is debatable as 20th Century Fox shows less information and so isn’t going to overload the viewer with dry facts. On the other hand it means that a viewer is less likely to find all the information they are after as it can only be in one of a few areas or non existent. both HISHE and PostPanic go for the approach of having a collection of areas to navigate to which in turn makes it easier to find what your looking for which sells the company in a more friendly manner.

All of these sites have logos the 20 sign the camera and the PP and in every case the logo is found at the top of the page. Having a logo makes the company more memorable and means that you will recognize there signature from anything you have or do watch or where they have ties with other company.

Other than PostPanic there are thumbnails for the movies / videos that the company has been involved in this allows them to showcase and sell there work whilst in the case of PostPanic you have to navigate to the video either with the menu or by finding the right video as the page cover. In ways this makes PostPanic’s website look much cleaner but they don’t receive the selling factor like the others do.

The websites use cookies which enables them to find out where the bulk of visitors are searching and what they are clicking on which helps the company to decide on there advertising styles.

Widgets have been used to provide links to other websites and social media building clicks and visitors (web traffic) which is one of if not thee most effective way of getting your company known. https://www.facebook.com/kayla.laisby/videos/1173681056019031/

Some websites like ‘Bad Robot’ don’t use websites for marketing and have simply got big through festivals and features.

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